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Transformational Chairwork

Taking responsibility for the disowned parts of oneself can be quite challenging, but it is an ultimately liberating and empowering experience. Transformational Chairwork, a therapeutic approach that facilitates reintegrating marginalized parts of ourselves, was inspired by four therapeutic modalities: Gestalt Chairwork, Voice Dialogue, Schema Therapy, and Redecision Therapy. 

Transformational Chairwork is based on the following orienting principles:


  • We all have different parts, voices, and/or selves.

  • It’s self-affirming, awareness-enhancing, and potentially transformative to give voice to those parts, explore dialogues between/amongst them, and allow them to tell their story.

  • It's essential to re-enact or enact scenes from one's past, present, or future to explore life experiences, relationships, and encounters, and to enhance discernment and insight.

  • Chairwork is designed to strengthen one's Inner Leader or True Self, which supports optimal decision-making.

Transformational Chairwork involves applying the above-mentioned principles through an active and intense process that can be especially helpful if you are struggling with loss and grief, trauma or traumatic stress, challenging relationships, impulsive behavior, fear, discrimination, depression, self-criticism, identity confusion, career exploration, decision-making, or assertiveness. Using this approach allows you to give voice to marginalized, ostracized, oppressed, or disowned parts of yourself (parts that are not being heard) and engage directly with them so you can learn more about them and approach life holistically.
This approach welcomes all parts of your experience (hence it is holistic); nothing is ignored. Using Transformational Chairwork empowers you to recognize and acknowledge feelings of fear, anger, rage, love, and grief towards yourself or others, and to develop assertive and appropriate expression of your own voice, needs, and desires. Finally, because Transformational Chairwork allows you to embody and give voice to the experience of others you may develop a deeper, more empathic understanding of them, which is especially helpful in cases of unfinished business or lack of closure.
I have completed certified training in Transformational Chairwork and use it in conjunction with a number of other integrative approaches to optimize your therapeutic experience and help you reconnect with yourself, others, and the world.
For more information about how I use Transformational Chairwork, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

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