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Stone Balancing

Self-Care Immersions

Keeping up with the demands of life poses challenges for many of us, and our often busy schedules leave us with little time to complete tasks that need our attention, and with feelings of depleted energy and compromised motivation. In addition, for those serving in caregiving capacities, we are all too familiar with the potential detrimental effects of workplace demands, including compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. These effects can also manifest for those who offer caregiving for family members or friends.

Self-care immersions are designed to put you on a path to recovery and holistic well-being by focusing on specific mental health and wellness needs. Self-care is something you do with the intention of promoting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Engaging in self-care has been linked to improved mood, higher self-esteem, and reduced anxiety and depression. 

With all of our active lives in mind, I offer brief 3-to-6-hour individual, couples, family, and group self-care immersions that allow you to better understand the causes of your stress, learn about the neuroscience of self-care, and engage a number of practices that embrace and honor your needs as a whole person and/or group of people. Such practices include but are not limited to meditation, mindful awareness exercises, therapeutic breathing, guided imagery, prayer/contemplation, depth journaling, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra, all of which are approaches in which I have completed certified training.

​Your self-care immersion will be designed and optimized to meet your specific needs.

I close every self-care immersion with time dedicated to creating a personalized self-care plan that you can modify as your needs change.

I also provide self-care immersions (ranging from four hours to three days) for professional organizations and groups. Please contact me to discuss your interest and cost of service.

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