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Individual Therapy

As a trauma and embodiment specialist, I provide individual counseling services for a broad range of issues and concerns. Individual therapy sessions with me involve working one-on-one from an integrative and holistic framework that honors how past traumatic experiences may be impacting your ability to live life fully in the present. I have extensive experience with and am certified in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches that I personalize to meet your individual needs.


While the focus of individual therapy is on personal growth and change, using an integrative and holistic perspective allows us to include all dimensions of your experience. I recognize that you are a person who transcends what takes place in a typical therapy session. With a keen understanding of the importance of seeing you as a whole person, I make every effort to ensure all aspects of your personhood are included in your therapeutic journey. This usually encompasses working with how you experience yourself as a perceptual, social-relational, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical being, and how this impacts your way of being in the world.

In addition to offering traditional 50- and 80-minute individual counseling sessions, I also offer individual self-care immersions designed to help you focus on specific mental health and wellness needs. Self-care immersions generally range from three to six hours; breaks depend on the length of the immersion. You and I can discuss your specific needs. 

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