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Integrative Counseling &

  • Relationships, Family, & Community

  • Mood, Anxiety, & Obsessive-Compulsive Disturbances

  • Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Loss, Grief, & Bereavement

  • Eating Disorders & Body Image

  • Behavioral Addictions / Dependencies

  • Identity, Meaning of Life, & Spirituality

  • Mental Health & Wellness

Consultation & Training

  • Somatic/Body-Centered Approaches

  • Trauma- and Justice-Informed Approaches

  • Attachment-Based Approaches

  • Relational Communication

  • Experiential/Skills Training

  • Holistic Well-Being & Self-Care

  • Diversity & Social Justice

  • Heuristic Inquiry & Qualitative Research


About Me

Hello, there! Welcome, and thank you for stopping in. Making the decision to be in therapy or to initiate a learning/training experience is a tremendous act of self-care, but it can also be a bit scary if you don't know what to expect. Please click the "Find out more..." button below to learn about my approach to therapy, and about my training, credentials, and experience as a therapist and educator.

Presenting Concerns

​As a trauma and embodiment specialist, I provide services for a wide range of issues and concerns. I help you get to the root cause of your presenting concerns, which allows you to access both symptoms and origins in your therapeutic journey, and to attain deeper healing. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves working with issues that affect a family’s overall functioning, and mental and general well-being. It can help individual family members improve communication, manage conflict within the family system, and build healthier relationships.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions with me involve working one-on-one from an integrative, body-centered, holistic framework that honors how past traumatic experiences may be impacting your ability to live life fully in the present. My holistic approach allows us to include all dimensions of your experience in therapy.

Self-Care Immersions

Self-care immersions are designed to put you on a path to recovery and holistic well-being by focusing on specific mental health and wellness needs. Services include 3-to-6-hour individual, couples, family, and group experiences and are tailored to meet your needs. One- to three-day immersions are also offered for large groups.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy addresses a range of relationship dynamics including recurring conflicts, feelings of disconnection, infidelity, issues with intimacy and sex, finances, life transitions, or challenges informed by external or internal stressors. Couples therapy options include couples sessions, premarital counseling, therapeutic separation, and couples therapy intensives.

Consultation and Training

I provide in-person and virtual professional development and continuing education opportunities on a wide variety of topics throughout the United States and around the world. Training options range from experiential practice sessions to introductory workshops and multiple-day immersion experiences.

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